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Apple Information Sheet

(formerly Macintosh Information Sheet)

Meeting Handouts

iPhone Photos Fun by Andy Petro, March 27, 2023

iPhone (iOS 16) Clean Up Tips by Andy Petro, February 27, 2023

Pages, Part 3 by Ken Silverman and Helen Rains, July 25, 2022

Non-Tech Talk by Nina Mazzo, August 4, 2022

Photos on the iPhone by Andy Petro, June 27, 2022

Create a Slideshow on the Mac by Ken Silverman, June 14, 2022

Pages for the Mac and iPad mini-lesson 2 by Helen Rains and Ken Silverman,  April 7, 2022

Fraud Defenses Notes by Bill Smith, January 24, 2022

Pages Special Interest Group - Pages for the Mac and iPad by Helen Rains and Ken Silverman March 16, 2022.

Streamline Your Workflow by Helen Rains, May 24, 2021

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