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LHAUG Membership Support Options


Looking for a Manual - click here - for Apple Manuals, Specs, etc.

Switching to a Macintosh from Windows - learn more here


Help Line Call: 916-668-0684 for Technical Support


If you are having a problem with your Apple product, your first call should be to the LHAUG Help Line.  The Help Line hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.  


Help Line support is free to LHAUG members and covers Apple hardware and software products. Help Line support is not provided for non-Apple products, such as printers and PCs, or third-party software, such as Adobe or Microsoft products.


Keep in mind that Help Line support is provided by volunteers, so response time depends on the volunteer’s available time.


When a volunteer returns your call, the number you see on your caller ID is not the Help Line number but the number of the volunteer that is returning your call.  Please answer your phone even if you don’t recognize the number as it might be the volunteer calling to help you.


Not all problems can be resolved on the phone.  If your problem requires a visit to your home, an hourly charge might apply.  See In-Home Services.



In-Home Services


LHAUG provides in-home services to resolve problems that cannot be resolved on the phone and to provide extended support services.  Extended support services include setting up a new Apple device, connecting it to the internet, and syncing it to iCloud; and setting up a new printer.


In-home services - there may be a nominal $25 charge per hour or partial hour. 



Open Labs


You can also get free help from our knowledgeable support team by bringing your iPhone, iPad, Apple laptop, or Apple Watch to a scheduled open lab.  The lab has iMacs available if your issue is with your desktop machine.


Check the LHAUG calendar to see the times and dates for upcoming open labs. 


Open labs are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  To best serve the most members, assistance is limited to one issue or question per person per open lab visit.  If your issue requires additional individual time, the lab will refer you to the club’s tutoring service.


Remember to come prepared for assistance.  In particular, bring your passwords.



Ask The Tech


Most LHAUG seminars begin with an Ask the Tech session.  If you have questions or issues with your Apple products that might be of general interest to the group, bring them up during this session or email them in advance of the meeting.  To submit Ask the Tech questions in advance, email them to  Please include as much detail as possible as well as your name and phone number.  





LHAUG provides a tutoring service to help you learn Apple hardware and software products.  Tutors charge $25/hour for LHAUG members and specialize in specific product areas as shown in the table below.  Contact these tutors directly to schedule tutoring sessions.












Support Line

Avoiding Problems


The best way to resolve a problem is to avoid it in the first place.  The following are some recommendations to help you avoid problems with your Apple products:

       As always, Backup, Backup, BACKUP before you upgrade.

  • Apple, Banks, Law Enforcement, the IRS, and other organizations will never email or call you to ask for money or ask you to send gift cards. These are scams; hang up or do not respond to an email. Click Here for a list of current scams.

  • If you receive an unsolicited call, text, or email about your computer, hang up or delete their message.  Don’t call them back; don’t respond to the email or text.

  • If you get a pop-up window saying to call a phone number, immediately power off or unplug your computer and call the LHAUG Help Line.

  • If you’re having problems with your computer or printer, call the LHAUG Help Line first (916-668-0684).  Do not search the Internet for a support telephone number.

  • Ensure that data on your devices is being backed up regularly.

Commercial Support


The following are some local businesses that provide Apple-authorized support and repairs:

Apple Store in Galleria                           Mobile Kangaroo

1151 Galleria Blvd.                                  10016 Foothill Blvd, Ste 130

Roseville, CA. 95678                               Roseville, Ca. 95747

(916) 872-2506                                         (916) 318-0258 


Core Care - Rocklin                              Core Care - Sacramento

6848 Five Star Blvd #2                         2340 Harvard Street

Rocklin, CA                                             Sacramento, CA 95815

(916) 567-1260 ext. 103                       (916) 567-1260                             


What's New?

Current Apple Releases - 21 May 24

           (New since last update in Red)

macOS         14.5         13 May 24        Sonoma (iMac's that are 2019 or later)

macOS         13.6.7      13 May 24        Ventura (Mac's that are 2017 or newer)

macOS         12.7.5      13 May 24        Monterey (Mac's that are 2016 or Newer)

macOS         11.7.10    11 Sep 23         Big Sur (Mac's that are 2014 & 2016)


iOS               17.5.1      20 May 24        iPhone XS and later

iOS               16.7.8      13 May 24        iPhone 8 and X

iOS               15.8.2        5 Mar 24        iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone SE (1st Gen)


iPadOS         17.5.1      20 May 24        iPad 5th Gen, iPad Air 3rd, iPad Min 5th, iPad Pro

iPadOS         15.8.2        5 Mar 24        Older iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch

HomPod        17.5        13 May 24        HomePod and HomePod mini


watchOS       10.5         13 May 24        Apple Watch Series 4 or Later

Vision Pro     1.1.2          9 Apr 24         Apple Vision Pro


tvOS             17.5.1      21 May 24        Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K (all models)


Safari            17.5         13 May 24        Macintosh




Keynote         14.0

GarageBand  10.4.11     6 Nov 23

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