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Ken will tell you all about the Focus Feature on your iPhone.


Join Ken and Helen as they walk you through practical tasks and fine tuning settings on iPhones.  You will have the opportunity to complete tasks and adjust settings first hand. Please make sure your iPhone is updated to iOS17 for a guided experience with our tech support team.


Have questions about email services, managing groups, or dealing with spam? In Part 1 of the Mail seminar series, Ken Spencer (a self-professed email hoarder) will discuss practical strategies to streamline your Apple Mail experience across all your devices.

Note: Part 2 will be held June 6th when Ken and Helen Rains will have you get “hands on” with your own iPhone to accomplish a task and adjust settings.


Ken discusses and demonstrates Apple Pay, the mobile payment service from Apple that allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps and on the web. It is supported on iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac.


Andy continues to provide us with interesting, fun and practical things we can do using the newest iPhone operating system iOS17. You are bound to learn two new things!


Discover efficient steps to create and organize files so you can find what you need when you need it. Additionally, consider selecting iCloud for seamless document synchronization across all your Apple devices. Say goodbye to clutter and welcome a more organized digital space.


Ken discusses and demonstrates several ways to help you get some fun things out of the newest iPhone operating system iOS17.


How to find Help

by Ken Silverman

How do you find resources to help with your Apple products.  Ken demonstrates and navigates helpful websites.


Notes Part II

by Ken Spencer & Helen Rains

Discover the power of Apple Notes in our new format.  Ken and Helen present Notes Part 2, featuring hands-on exploration. Bring your iPhone updated to iOS 17 for a guided experience with tech support.


Andy Petro and Vicki White take a closer look at some items that make using Apple products both fun and useful.



By Ken Spencer

Ken takes a close look at using the Notes app.


Ken Spencer takes a look at Apple’s new Journal App.


Bill focused on advances in Apple’s Health App since its inception in 2014 with emphasis on the value it provides for our personal healthcare on both the iPhone and iPad. Advances include powerful insights into mental health and vision health. 


macOS Sonoma 

by Ken Spencer

Ken presented goes over the new features of the Sonoma OS release


Nina and Ken present “Have You Discovered Streaming? Can You Cut the Cord”.  Join non tech Nina and tech Ken as they work to demystify streaming on your TV, iPad and iPhone by discussing what streaming is and how you enter the world of streaming.


Ken Silverman will present “Apple Watch’s Update to watchOS 10”.  He will provide a brief overview of the redesigned apps, additional watch faces, a redesigned interface and more.


Interesting Functions and Features for Seniors on the iPhone with iOS17


This new, annual upgrade has some great features. Ken shares some of the must know tidbits. You will like your iPhone even more.


Ken will show you many useful tips including how to remove duplicates.
How to make groups so you can do physical or email Holiday mailing lists.
How to get addresses from an email, without typing anything.


Bill continues his presentation on fraud and scammers exploiting and using deceptive tactics to target personal and financial information. In Part 2 he will focus on specific defenses you can implement to minimize this threat.


Ken gets us caught up with what to expect on September 12th, when Apple introduces new products, including the iPhone 15. He guides us as to how to prepare and order if you are getting new Apple devices. This will include how to get the best value and other strategies.


Bill outlines the danger and present seven defenses that you can implement now to reduce your risk. Fraud aimed at seniors poses a significant and immediate threat.

Be aware and educate yourself with preventative measures.


How Does the Apple User Group work?

by Ken Silverman & Helen Rains

How do you get help with your Apple device? Where do you get more information on open labs, tutoring, calendar of events and more? What are the ways you can get involved and learn about volunteer opportunities?


Bill explains and demonstrates the powerful features with phone calls on the iPhone, FaceTime and Face Time with recipients using an Android phone or Windows. FaceTime has significantly improved with each release of iOS and is becoming an alternative to Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


Recognize, learn, and use commonly used Mac keys and commands. Join tech Ken and non tech Nina as they discuss and demonstrate – from Arrow Keys to the Command Set; Force Quit; OS; PDF; Time Machine; USB and many more terms.


Ken discusses breaking news from this event. This annual event is expected to include updates to operating systems, possible new computers and devices. Who knows what other surprises await!


Your Digital Estate Plan 

by Marcia VanWagner

Marcia presented the need for a plan if you have a smartphone, email account, and social media accounts. Do you shop and bank online? Are your medical records accessed online? What happens to all this digital “stuff” when you die or become incapacitated?


Ken demonstrated this note keeping app that allows you to capture a quick thought, send documents, securely store passwords, keep travel tickets and documents and much more.

An added bonus is that everything is shared amongst all your Apple devices.


Bill illustrates how these financial products operate together and demonstrates his experience as a regular user with his Apple Watch.


Venturing to Ventura 

by Ken Spencer

Ken discusses the best path to take if you decide to upgrade to Ventura. It is recommended that you attend this presentation before you navigate to Ventura so you can weigh the pluses and minuses. Ventura has some great capabilities, and he will explore a few.


Bill has discovered that many Apple watch owners only use a fraction of the power of the watch, and he finds that he depends on his Apple watch on a daily basis. Bill will emphasize the fitness tracking capabilities during his presentation.


Andy takes a closer look at how to search for stuff; send emails at specific times; check your medications; stock listings and other searching features using the iPhone latest operating system iOS16.


Ken will start with the fundamentals of one of the most robust Apps for the Mac. You will learn how to easily manage your photos. This includes Albums, Favorites and how to share images. We will touch on “touching up” your photos. This will be Part 1 of at least a two-part presentation.


App Enabled Home Accessories

Using Wi-FI

By Ken Silverman & Nina Mazzo

Join Nina Mazzo (non-techie) and Ken Silverman (techie) as they present many of the conveniences enabling us to have a more comfortable home.


Andy will discuss and demonstrate how to create slideshows and then turn them into a video. He will also take a closer look at the various types of photos you can create with your iPhone camera.


What can Apple iCloud do for you? Apple's feature rich iCloud is useful in so many ways, but some features are a bit hidden. Ken will make sure you have the correct basic settings and expose you to many of the advanced settings.


Ken will guide you through the features, interactions, and customizations on your iPad that you might be overlooking.


Andy noticed that his iPhone was accumulating stuff he no longer needed like old photos and duplicates in Contacts and Notes. If you want to clean up and improve your iPhone experience and maybe learn two new things attend this seminar.


Apple continues to make major progress in capturing our personal health information. Bill will discuss why it is important for each individual to understand the information available and partner better with our health care providers.


Ken will show you how to use email better and help you analyze if you are using the correct email provider.


Managing photos, editing sent Messages, undo emails that have been sent, manage Wi-fi passwords and other good stuff.


The Dock is a convenient place to access apps you are likely to use each day. Nina will take a closer look at those that come with the Mac.


Ken Spencer will discuss backing up our Data and Photos. Ken will clarify the difference between iCloud and back up on all your Apple devices. He will also share some helpful tips and tricks.


iOS 16 and Medications

By: Ken Silverman

Ken Silverman will discuss “Medications on Your iPhone using iOS16”. Apple with iOS16 has added a new medication management feature to its Health app with a section called ‘Medications’.


Seniors are prime targets for fraud, and attackers are continually changing their methods. We need to be On Guard. Fortunately, iPhones and Macs have many features to help us build our defenses. Bill Smith will show some of the traps that he has identified and protected against.


Addressing Holiday Cards

By: Ken Spencer

Join Ken Spencer as he presents Contacts and Holiday Greetings. Get ready for your Holiday cards. Wrangle the addresses in your Contacts and build a Holiday Card in both regular and digital.


Join speaker Bill Smith as he presents “Which Apple Watch is Right for You?” Bill will explore some of the new features available on Apple Watch OS9 and the Series 8 watch. He will also take a closer look at health monitoring along with a live demonstration.


New iOS 16 Tips, Tricks and Clicks. Learn what is so great about the newest iPhone operating system, iOS16. You will be amazed at the wonderful things your iPhone can do.


What's New From Apple

By: Ken Spencer

September is often the month when Apple announces new products. Ken Spencer will take a closer look at these new items as many of us will be waiting to place an order!


SIRI - Dictation

By: Ken Spencer

Ken Spencer will take a closer look at Siri, a powerful intelligent assistant for Apple devices. Siri can do much more than we sometimes realize including simple dictation and shortcuts that can automate many mundane tasks.


There are many features imbedded in iOS 15 on your iPhone. Andy Petro will present interesting and exciting tips.


Instant messaging is a central sign of the times. Bill Smith will explain and demonstrate the basics of texting, attaching photos and documents to texts, text message security, sharing texts across your Apple devices, group texting, creating messages with Siri, and texting with computers.


Non-Tech Talk

By: Nina Mazzo

Our speaker Nina Mazzo simply wants to know enough to make her iMac work smoothly! She will discuss and demonstrate some useful terms, definitions, tips and tricks for our iMac – all in not too technical terms.


Pages Part 3

By: Ken Silverman & Helen Rains

Expand your knowledge of Pages on both the Mac and the iPad. If you do any type of writing you will want to watch this seminar. 


FaceTime, Messages and Safari get some major updates while MacOS 12 Monterey makes our Mac more productive, perform just a bit better, and is secure.


Apple includes assistive technology in its operating systems as standard features. Ken Spencer will show you some of the somewhat hidden features of Apple’s accessibility options. People with motion, sight and hearing impairments can greatly benefit and these features can make many daily tasks much easier.


Photos on the iPhone

By: Andy Petro

The Photos app on your iPhone is a powerful organizer for all your photos. Andy Petro will demonstrate how you can organize your photos directly on your iPhone. This includes photo editing, creating videos and slideshows on your iPhone.


Ken Silverman will demonstrate ways to produce a slideshow with your photos.
There are several options to help you make this interesting and enjoyable.


Last week Ken Spencer introduced many features in the Photos App (on the Mac) including built-in editing tools; ways to accentuate images as well as keeping your photos organized. This week is a continuation of that presentation with even more information, tips, and tricks introduced and explained.


Photos on the Mac-Part 1

By: Ken Spencer

There is so much you can accomplish with Photos on the Mac. Photos is a photo management and editing application. Ken Spencer will introduce many features including built in editing tools; ways to accentuate images as well as keeping your photos organized.


Travel is always rewarding but recently it has been a challenge. Travel requires good planning and while we might see reduced crowds for a bit as conditions begin to normalize, you will benefit from tech tools that allow you to navigate this planning more efficiently.


Learn a lot about travel and the different technical devices which can assist you during your trip.


Ken Spencer will discuss and explain some of the best settings to enable your devices to talk to each other. He will touch on having your files in iCloud, use the ever- expanding Notes app across devices and much more.


The evolution of Apple hardware, software, and services focused on healthcare continues with the Health App. Bill Smith will provide an overview of this app, which collects health data from devices and apps you already use. This data is private to you and maintained on your iPhone and iCloud.


Pages: Special Interest Group Pt. 2

By: Ken Silverman & Helen Rains

Join Ken Silverman and Helen Rains on Zoom for Pages Mini -lesson #2 where we look at the Format Inspector sidebar options to format and style text in a Pages document. Do you have more questions about how to work with Pages on the Mac and iPad? Ask at the next Special Interest Group meet up for Pages!


Ken Spencer will enlighten us to the recently released Apple products - the Mac Studio and Studio Display. He will also cover the new iPad Air and iPhone SE.

Another great new function that will be covered is Universal Control:


Intro to Pages Word Processing

By: Ken Silverman & Helen Rains

f you do any type of writing, you’ll want to get involved in the Pages Special Interest Group. This new type of seminar will consist of a series of lessons on Pages for the Mac and iPad. This first session will be an introduction to Pages word processing and will cover topics like choosing a template and customizing the tool bar.



By: Ken Silverman

In this seminar, Ken Silverman will show you how to obtain a free Gmail address and use it on your Mac or iDevice. He’ll discuss some of the common problems with Gmail and how to solve them.


Apple Watch Essentials

By: Bill Smith

In this seminar, Bill Smith will cover the essentials you need to get started with the Apple Watch as well as new concepts for experienced watch users. He’ll cover topics such as setup, watch face design, gestures, control center, and Siri. He’ll discuss the Emergency 911, Medical ID, and Fall Detection features, as well as health and activity monitoring.


In this seminar, Andy Petro will continue his series on “iPhone Essentials in iOS 15.” He will explore even more iPhone features embedded in iOS 15. If you learned two new things in his seminar last month, you’ll have learned at least four new things by the end of this seminar!


Ken Spencer will explain some of the best settings to enable your devices to talk to each other. He will touch on having your files on iCloud so they are always accessible, how to use the ever-expanding Notes app across devices, and much more. Bring your questions and learn how to take control of your Apple ecosystem.


Seniors are prime targets for fraud, and attackers are continually changing their methods. Fortunately, iPhones and Macs have many features to help us build our defenses. Bill Smith will show some of the traps that he has identified and protected against, and he will share ten specific methods to help you improve your awareness and defenses against fraud.


Andy Petro will review the essential features of the iPhone using the "iPhone User Guide iOS 15.1," which you can download from the Books app on your iPhone.  He will review the Basics, Restart, Messages, Photos, and more. Join us to learn at least two new thing that will make your iPhone your most prized possession.


Kick off 2022 by getting up to speed on some amazing technology developments. Ken Spencer will bring you up to speed with updates on general technology. He will cover Apple technology as well as other things like brain-implanted chips that might be useful for spinal cord injuries. I


We’re pleased to present a live panel discussion with the LHAUG seminar leaders. Each panelist will recap the highlights from the year’s seminars. They’ll talk about things they discovered and learned, and they’ll reveal some of their favorite topics.


Gift Ideas fof Apple Users

By: Andy Petro & Vicki White

Need gift ideas for an Apple user? Vicki White and Andy Petro will provide gift suggestions for those who have Apple products like iMacs, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and related accessories.


Join Andy Petro as he reviews improvements to the Photos app in iOS 15. He’ll cover improvements to the Memories, For You, and People Identification segments of the Photos app.


Should you acquire an Apple Watch, upgrade your watch, or keep your current watch?Bill Smith will provide a framework for making the best choice for you. He will highlight hardware improvements in Watch Series 7 and demonstrate some of the many new features in WatchOS 8.


The holidays are coming so now is the time to update your contacts so you can send your holiday greetings. Ken Spencer will show you how to get your Contacts app in shape. Learn how to clean up your addresses, remove duplicates, create a holiday message list, print address labels, and more.


Andy discusses some of the new features in iPadOS 15. New features include App Library like on the iPhone, an update to Notes, Apple Translate like on the iPhone, new FaceTime features, and more. 


Apple has announced new products, including new iPhones and iOS 15. In this seminar, Ken Spencer will discuss the exciting new products and release.


Images from weddings, graduations, anniversaries, vacations, celebrations of life, and other events can be quickly and easily put together with iMovie. Vicki White will demonstrate how to incorporate photos and movie clips into a video using the basic techniques available in iMovie. This will cover the basic steps to complete a short video that captures life’s most important memories for the future.


We’re fortunate to have many accommodating features in our Apple products.  Come learn how to use some of these features to make your device work the way you do.


He will show you how to personalize your iPhone in many areas. Topics include credit cards, share screens, your home screen, text groups, and more. Make sure your iPhone is running iOS 14 and join us on Zoom. It’s easy to learn two new things in a seminar like this.


Ten powerful functions of the Apple Watch (besides telling time) will be the focus of this seminar. Bill Smith will demonstrate the setup and use of each of these functions. Reviewing the January 25 “Apple Watch Essentials” video covering basic setup will be useful background for this seminar.


Big Sur!

By Ken Spencer

Ken Spencer will introduce you to the features of Big Sur, the latest Mac operating system. Does your computer support it, and should you install it?  Listen to this seminar before you install Big Sur and until you get the whole picture.


Andy Petro will share tips on how to do more stuff more easily on your iPhone, and he will show you how to get Siri to assist you in many areas. Some of the topics are FaceTime, printing web pages, transferring phone calls, and using other apps while talking on the iPhone. 


Join Helen Rains as she takes us on a tour of the productivity and creativity apps included on your Mac. You’ll see apps that let you work, surf, stream, message, explore, and do amazing things with photos, videos, and music. You’ll also learn ways to find, organize, manage, and customize apps.


It's Time to Travel

By: Ken Spencer

Information you will need to plan a successful trip given the new challenges. As usual, he will explain how technology can make travel easier, safer, and better. As a bonus, Ken Spencer will host a deep dive into one of the best travel tools available for airfare,


Controlling your iPhone or iPad with finger gestures can get confusing, and differences between Touch ID versus Face ID devices makes it even more challenging. Bill Smith will take the mystery out of gesturing, demonstrating essential gestures for iPhones and iPads. Bill’s seminar will help you become more fluent controlling your devices with gestures.


In this seminar, Ken Silverman will discuss some of the accessories you might need with a Mac that has USB-C ports. In particular, he’ll discuss the cables, adapters, and hubs you might need, and he’ll untangle some of the terminology, such as Thunderbolt and USB.


What's this Cloud thing?

By: Ken Spencer

Clouds are a critical part of computing, just as they are a critical to the weather, but they are not always well understood. Ken Spencer will de-mist-ify cloud computing, and more specifically, Apple iCloud. Ken will help you get iCloud to work for you, and he’ll discuss the importance of syncing when using multiple devices. By the end of the presentation, you’ll be computing on Cloud 9.


There are many macOS apps and shortcuts that make your work easier. Helen Rains will show you some of them, including filling out and signing PDF forms using Preview, taking and marking up screenshots, scanning with Image Capture, and more. Whether you’re new to the Mac or an experienced user, you’ll come away from this seminar with some tips and tricks that will streamline your workflow on the Mac.


Don't Worry - Be Happy!

By: Ken Spencer

Are you worried about scammers, hackers, viruses, malware, and other cyber threats? Ken Spencer will discuss what you should and should not worry about. With some knowledge and action, you can worry less and gain some peace of mind. Ken will also share something to be happy about: the newly announced Apple products, including AirTags, iMac, Apple TV, and iPad Pro.


The iPhone running iOS 14 can make our lives easier as we age. Andy Petro says, “As I am getting older I find that I am depending on my iPhone more and more.  And I use a few apps over and over again each day.  So I will review helpful features in the following apps:  Settings, Messages, Mail, Phone, Safari, and Camera.” Join Andy for this seminar and learn more than two new things!


The Reminders app, which comes with macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS, makes it easy to create and organize reminders. It can track of everything you have to do, see, or buy, and it notifies you when it’s time to remember something.


Stay organized and be on time with the Calendar app. Learn how to create and share separate calendars for different areas of your life. All information you need — dates, times, and locations — will be at your fingertips. Scheduled Alerts will remind you when to go. Maps will guide you to your destination.


iPhone Essentials

By: Andy Petro

The Photos app on the iPhone has four main segments: Library, For You, Albums, and Search. This seminar will demonstrate how to organize your photographs directly on your iPhone, including editing photos, creating videos, and creating slideshows.


Sir and Dictation

By: Ken Spencer

Why type when you have two great tools on your Apple devices? Ken Spencer will introduce you to his friend, Siri, and he will show you the useful dictation feature that alleviates typing, especially on the smaller iPhone screen.



By: Ken Spencer

Get a handle on your built-in address book app, Contacts.  You will learn how to save time and always be up to date. You will learn how to print envelopes and address labels from your Contacts data base, and how to configure iCloud so the information is consistent across all your Apple devices.


Learn how to jot down your thoughts quickly or save longer notes filled with thinkgs like to-do lists, images, web links, scanned documents and sketches.  


An overview of the Apple Health App, which collects health data from devices and apps you already use. The data is private and maintained on your iPhone. 


Learn some foolproof ways to finally manage your passwords, about scams that are lurking out there and how to protect your personal privacy. 


Find out how easy this application is to use and, it's included free with macOS.   Learn how to create, save and share a document, convert Word and Pages, sync across Apple Devices and more.


Learn the basics of texting, attaching photos and documents to texts, message security, sharing texts accross your Apple devices and more.


Apple Mail

By: Ken Spencer

Learn why you should use Apple Mail, how to set it up on your Apple devices, and synchronize between them.  Also, how to set your security and deal with junk mail.


Apple Watch Essentials

By: Bill Smith

Learn how to use the watch effectively.  Topics such as setup, watch face design, gestures, control center, and Siri will be discussed. 


Learn abou the latest Mac opereating system it's new features and the possible pitfalls in using the system.  


iPad Essentials

By: Ken Silveman

Learn how to setup your iPad, including it's basic settings,  information about your iPad and syncing all of your information. 


iPhone Essentials

By Andy Petro

Learn iPhone Essentials for iOS 14.  Basics such as restart, calendar, messages & photos will be covered in this seminar. 


Pages Newsletters

By: Helen Rains & Andy Petro

Learn how to send holiday greeting cards to stay in touch and spread holiday cheer.   Make your home-made newsletter and keep your family and friends updated with Apple Pages.


Gift ideas for Apple Users

By: Andy Petro & Vicki White

Learn about some gift suggestions for users of Apple products.  Vicki covers those for iMac, MacBook or iPad and Andy the Iphone.  Gifts are available from the Apple Store or any place that carries products that enhance the use of Apple devices. 


Home Automation

By: Ken Spencer, Ken Silverman, Bill Smith, Doug Thom

Home automation encompasses many parts of your indoor and outdoor experience, such as watering your yard, controlling your thermostat, and setting your lights and plugs. Your cameras, alarms, doors, TV, and music are prime for this new, but maturing technology.


Learn how to remove duplicates, clean up your addresses, create a holiday message list and send your holiday greeting by email or regular mail.


With the recent release of the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE, which is righgt ofr you?

Bill will compre watches ffrom Series 3 through the latest models. 


What's New in iPadOS 14

By: Ken Silverman

Learn about some of the key improvements in iPadOS 14 like the new design for FaceTime and phone calls, improved search, use of the pencil with Scribbie and more.


Learn about all the feature-rich offeringa from Apple which can help you decide what products you might want to upgrade.


iOS14: What's New?

By: Pete Lozzi

A walk through the most useful features in iOS14 and how to take advanage of them.


The Photos app on the iPhone has four main parts: Photos, For You, Albums, and Search.  Learn about each app and how they will help you organize your photographs. 


Learn how to take control of your photo library and how enhancement apps can transform a snapshot into a photograph.  


Using the Apple Podcast App, learn and be entertained at the same time. Podcasts are usually conversations rather than stories and cover a wide range of topics, such as comedy, news, and sports. 


Learn about some essentials of the iPhone including its most important settings and uses.


Learn some of the best practices for organizing your Mac files such as,

saving, labeling, deleting, moving and finding files.  


See how the Apple Health app allows  you to capture data from health applications and devices, keeping you and your health providers well informed.


A demonstration from the car of CarPlay's dashboard that helps with tunes, turns, maps and apps.


Learn how to create photo projects on the iPhone and iPad using the Motif app and the Mixbook Website.

Create hardcover and softcover books, calendars, wall hanging photographs and a lot more. 


Capture the Moment

By: Ken Spencer

Learn how to take the best photos with your iPhone whether of price tags at Costco, emotional shots of people or magnificent scenery.


This video was prepared so that our members could learn to install and use Zoom on their iPAD during our LHAUG meetings. 


This tutorial was prepared so that our members could learn how to install use Zoom on their MAC during our LHAUG meetings.


As an early adopter of Apple Pay and Apple car, Bill will show you the power of this new and innovative approach to payments and credit cards. 


MAC Photo Apps

By: Vicki White

Demonstration of several apps which you can access directly from within the Photos App and other standalone editing apps. 


Apple Books

By: Helen Rains

Learn about Apple Books, a built-in electronic-book app on your iPad, iPhone, and MAC.  Shows you how to sample and get books, how to organize those books , and how to read and annotate them.


Learn how technology can enhance your travels from planning and booking to arrival back home. Learn how it will also help with communication, transit, and monetary conversion while traveling abroad. 


App Roulette

By: All Presenters

Learn about some Apps which a favorites of the LHAUG presenters.


You will learn how to use Siri, Dictation and Voice control features to more quickly and accurately interact with your devices.  


New Features in Pages

By: Ken Silverman

Learn about recent updates to Apple Pages including new templates, the ability to set a default font and size, a new drop cap, and many other features.


Phone and FaceTime Communications

By: Bill Smith and Others

Learn how to set up and use the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Watch for phone and video calls. And also how to manage voice mail, eliminate disrupting phone calls, and communicate with people worldwide for free.


Your Digital Estate

By:Marcia VanWagner

Learn about organizing you Digital Assets so that other responsible parties can access them after you have passed away.  


Virtual Communication

By: Ken Spencer

Learn how to virtually visit with family, friends and associates using for Zoom, a video conferencing product and FaceTime.  This was a virtual meeting. 


Learn how you can easily create a video "slideshow" with your photos and music using Keynote.


Apple Contacts

By: Ken Spencer

Learn how to use Apple Contacts on the MAC and iOS devices. Get some great tips, including how to make and manage groups on your iOS device and how to print envelopes directly from Contacts on the MAC. 


Learn how to create the Mac information sheet, use quick fixes to troubleshoot problems, how to do a simple Mac Tune-up and more.


Apple Mail

By: Ken Spencer

Learn how to setup and use the features of Mail and deal with Security and Junk Mail.


Learn how you can create photo books right on your iPhone at any time and you don't have to download your pictures to your computer. 


Learn about how Apple iCloud provides data synchronization, security, photo storage, software deliver, the App Store, Apple TV+ and music delivery.


iPad OS Tricks and Tips

By: Ken Silverman

Learn how to turn you iPad keyboard into a trackpad, move videos around the screen an do formatting in mail like on the Mac.  Learn these tricks and more with iPadOS 13. 


Learn about many improvements and features embedded in iOS 13 for the iPhone that are not obvious or easily accessible. 


With iOS 13 there are 14 editing adjustment options, including: Exposure, Brilliance,

Highlights, nine filters and eight picture sizes.  Learn this and more about editing iPhone Photos. 


macOS Catalina

By: Ken Spencer

Should you Upgrade?  You will learn the pros and cons of the latest macOS and determine if it's time to upgrade.  Also, some of the new features in Catalina will be highlighted.  


Apple and Health

By: Bill Smith

The iPhone and Watch, along with third-party apps and devices, provide valuable tools and applications that assist us in health alerts, awareness and analysis.  Data captured by these application can significantly improve our dialog with our health providers.



By: Ken Spencer

Learn all the things you can do with AppleTV+, a TV service, and how you can get one year free of AppleTV+ with the purchase of a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or MAC.


Introducing iPadOS

By: Ken Silverman

The iPadOS 13 for the iPad is a dedicated OS for the iPad and will do a great deal more than iOS for the iPhone.


Learn about all the new features and settings now offered in iOS 13 on your iPhone.


A presentation of Amazon's Echo, Alexa, & Smart Devices for doing some of the more mundane tasks in your life.


This video, created by Ken Spencer, explains how to find out if your Mac applications are 32 or 64bit.  This is critical to their successful operation on the new Catalina O/S.


The major changes in the iPhone operating system are covered along with some of the new tips and improvements that make your iPhone faster and more delightful to use.


Maps and Navigation

By: Ken Spencer

Explore great tools for your iOS devices and the Mac which include Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze (iOS only).


Learn about the new iPhone 11 & iOS 13 available in September 2019


Create photo books and cards from Photos using the applications: Motif & Mixbooks. See the powerful features that both of these two programs have.


More iPhone Essentials

By: Andy Petro

Learn about apps like Find iPhone, Find Friends, Tips, Weather, Photos, New and More


iPhone Essentials-Part 1

By: Ken Spencer

Learn abut many useful features of the iPhone from Messaging, Safari, Camera to Navigation and more.


Apple Watch Essentials

By: Bill Smith

A overview of: watch setup, controls, emergency and fall detection, applications, phone calls and messages, alarms and timers, and workouts and heart health.


This was a "learn then do" seminar designed by Helen Rains to demonstrate the different features of note-taking in Notes.  Exercises were applicable for the iPad and iPhone


Texting - Number One Method

of Communication

By: Bill Smith & Sharon Worman

A demonstration of simple texting, group texting, attachments, and settings for Apple's messaging application.


Under the Apple Logo

By: Ken Silverman

You will learn how to determine the operating system its version and the hardware that is in your computer.  You can stop a misbehaving program and learn about all of those system preferences.


A demonstration showing how to create a packing list that will be useful for every trip you will ever take.  It can save hours of worry and elminate the possibility of forgetting something you need.


Learn numerous ways that technology can enhance your traveling experience from planning, booking and traveling until you arrive back home.


Choosing Your Word Processor:

A Case for Pages

By: Helen Rains & Vicki White

A demonstration, in Pages, showing you how to create and save your own template and sync it to all your devices.  Learn about some of Pages' newest features and see how easy it is to import/export with Pages and Microsoft Word. 


Learn about the iPhone Camera and its embedded functions and features.  Review the camera's settings and many tips and techniques for using your iPhone Camera.  Some apply to the iPad camera as well.


Help stay organized, be on time and productive with all the information you need about events and to-do lists at your fingertips on you iPhone, iPad and iMac.


A demonstration of some of the remarkable features relating to Sight and Hearing Accessibility on Apple Products. 


Learn to use your iPhone to it's fullest capability through some of the over two million incredible apps, like Navigation, Weather and Podcasts.


Control everything with your Voice. Summon your Digital Assistant Siri to turn off household items, like your fans or thermostat.  Learn to use Dictation rather than typing on the small keyboard on your phone. 


The latest version of the Apple Watch, the fifth generation, has powerful medical functions that are approved by the FDA.  Learn further about the monitoring features of the Watch.


Home Automation and Security

By: Ken Spencer & Doug Thom

Learn how new technolgies are making home security more effective and less costly. See a demonstration of a simple $20 camera which can alert you of motion. 


MacOS Photos' Extensions

By: Ken Silverman

Learn about Photos' Extensions in MacOS Mojave and how other programs and Apps can be used within Photos to adjust pictures, create more effects and fix problems with existing photos. 


The Apple Watch, introduced in April 2015 is in its fifth generation, with accelerating adoption. Learn some of the power medical functions that are FDA approved. Learn also how it saved Bill's life during a recent trip.


Apple Mail is a powerful application available on the Mac, iPhone and iPad. It supports multiple email addresses with synchronization across all of your devices.  Learn setup, security and dealing with junk mail.



By: Ken Silverman

Learn the different kinds of printers and what kind of printing each does.  Determine what printer you should purchase based on your needs and the device from which you are printing. 


Learn how we are surrounded by Clouds and the many features of Apple's iCloud, including the heart of Apple services, data synchronization across all devices, security, and content like Apple music. 


How-tos for macOS

By: Helen Rains

A demonstration of 25 and more quick how-to-tips--essential macOs methods---that will help you get the most out of your time working or playing on your Mac.  These will be helpful to both new and experienced Mac users. 


macOS Mojave

By: Ken Spencer

An introduction to the latest features of the new operating system for the Mac called Mojave. What are the compelling features in Apple's newest OS for Macs? Apple, once again is offering the annual upgrade. It is important to be informed so you can decide if it is best for you before you upgrade.


Exploring the highlights of iOS12 for the iPhone and iPad.


LHAUG 2018 Banquet Video

By: Jeff Hanner

Abbreviated video of the 2018 Annual LHAUG banquet
Photo-video of the 2018 Annual LHAUG banquet volunteers

Pages on the MAC & IOS

By: Vicki White & Helen Rains

Pages places you in the perfect creative environment. It puts all the right tools in all the right places, so it's easy to choose a look, customize fonts, personalize text styles, and add beautiful graphics. Demonstrations of Pages on Mac and iPad. Compatibility with Microsoft Word.


By: Ken Silverman

What is streaming? Can I cut the cable (or satellite)? Where can I get my movies, TV stations, and other kinds of media?

Apple TV

By: Bill Smith

An introduction and demonstration of the basic functions of the Apple TV 4K (Generation 4) with strong support for video streaming, third-party applications, photo display, and Siri. Apple TV provides the framework for cutting the cord and obtaining many sources of video content.

Home Automation and Security

By: Doug Thom & Ken Spencer

Overview and demonstration of affordable home automation products including security cameras, active door bells, automatic door locks, thermostats, and lighting controls, to name a few.

Gadgets, Gadgets, and More Gadgets

By: Ken Spencer & Doug Thom

Many useful gadgets that enhance the use of your Apple devices which our presenters have acquired and found useful.

Apple Watch

By: Bill Smith & Ken Silverman

An overview of the use of Apple Watch, starting with the setup and customization and some of the new features in the Watch Series III. Also, the role of Watch in support of Apple Health.


By: Ken Spencer

How to start reading a news item on your iPhone, then seamlessly, pick up where you left off on your iPad or Mac. Let your device read Safari content to you out loud. Find out how and where Safari stores your autofill passwords.
Review of the setup and use of Apple Mail on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
Use your MAC as an electronic file cabinet. Manage mail, attachments, articles, documents, etc. Using iCloud Drive, Finder and Spotlight.

Home Security

By: Doug Thom & Ken Spencer

How new technologies are making home security more effective but less costly.

Tour of the MAC is Back

By: Helen Rains

Helpful shortcuts and settings that you'll want to try on your Mac using the keyboard, menus, dock and desktop.

Augmented Reality

By: Ken Spencer

Learn about Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence and how to use the iPhone camera to determine locations of local restaurants or display what certain furniture will look like in your room.

macOS High Sierra

By: Ken Spencer & Doug Thom

Learn some imporant things about Mac OS High Sierra.

Mail Transition

By: Ken Spencer & Doug Thom

Learn many reasons to move to a better email that is not tied to your internet provider.


By: Ken Spencer & Doug Thom

Learn to keep to secure your data and access to critical accounts and avoid scams by setting up security on your devices.
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