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Welcome to the Lincoln Hills Apple User Group 


"We Take Care of All Things Apple"

For Member Support Call  916-668-0684

Support is available from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday - Friday

Ventura, the newest operating for the Mac, has been released. DO NOT download and install Ventura until the Support Team have had a chance to review the changes and identify any potential problems. We will notify you as soon as it is safe to install Mac OS Ventura.


It's that time of the year again!  Dues are due and payable now. CLICK HERE to download the Member Application Form and send it and your dues to Bonnie Esker, 934 Gold Nugget Circle, Lincoln, CA. 95648.  Note:  you can always pay your dues at an Open Lab or at a seminar. 

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If you have an iPhone or iPad and it is operating on iOS 16 please CLICK HERE to read an important article on battery drain.

CLICK HERE to read the Cider Press.  The newest addition to the website!  It's fun, informative, and colorful.  It has the latest Tips and Tricks as well as a lot of links for further information

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the availability of our volunteers, in-home support will be limited.  The Help Line continues to be available; however, support for issues that require a home visit, such as setting up new devices and printers, will be limited.  Open Labs (held at Orchard Creek) will continue to be available.  See the website calendar for Open Lab dates.


Have you gotten a new Apple product recently?  See below in "Other Things of Interest" for ways to donate your old devices to those in need.

Please read our PRIVACY WARNING about Amazon’s Alexa and Ring devices.


Wednesday, March 22nd, Orchard Creek Multimedia Room: Open Lab the Open Lab enables you to get in-person support for your Apple devices from LHAUG experts. Support is on a first come first served basis and is limited to one issue per person. Bring your device and passwords. For the safety of our members and volunteers, masks are optional, and will be worn only when requested by either the volunteer or the person requesting support during their one-on-one session.

4:00PM - 5:00PM

Monday, March 27th, Kilaga Springs Presentation Hall: by Andy Petro “Let’s Have Some Fun with iOS16 iPhone Photos”. Andy will discuss and demonstrate how to create slideshows and then turn them into a video. He will also take a closer look at the various types of photos you can create with your iPhone camera. 

Ask the Tech – 10:15AM followed by program at 10:30AM

Thursday April 6th, Kilaga Springs Presentation Hall: by Ken Silverman and Nina Mazzo “App Enabled Home Accessories Using Wi-Fi”. Join Nina Mazzo (non-techie) and Ken Silverman (techie) as they present many of the conveniences enabling us to have a more comfortable home. Nina and Ken will take a look at front door locks; garage doors; yard watering system; thermostats; lights and many more.

Ask the Tech – 6:45PM followed by program at 7:00PM

Tuesday April 11th, Kilaga Springs Presentation Hall: by Ken Spencer “Venturing to Ventura”. Join Ken Spencer who will help you decide if you should consider upgrading to Ventura on your Mac. It is recommended you attend this presentation as there are pluses and minuses alongside some great capabilities.

This is a general meeting with raffle prizes.

Ask the Tech – 6:45PM followed by program at 7:00PM. 

Monday, April 24th, Kilaga Springs Presentation Hall: by Andy Petro “Discover More Functions and Features and Fun Stuff on Your iPhone with iOS16.”. Join Andy Petro as he takes a closer look at how to search for “stuff”; send emails at specific times; check your medications; stock listings and other searching features using the iPhone latest operating system iOS16.

Ask the Tech – 10:15AM followed by program at 10:30AM

LHAUG is in the business of providing many helpful user presentations on many topics relating to the complete ecosystem of Apple products.

LHAUG films each of these presentations and maintains a video library and handouts library for these presentations.

Click one of the buttons to explore all of the past topics.

A big THANK YOU to all of the LHAUG presenters, videographers, and librarians!


Other Things of Interest

Woz in 2004

Did you know that in 2004, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak came to Lincoln Hills to speak to our user group? The club opened the presentation to all SCLH residents, and there were about 500 in attendance in the ballroom. The event was arranged by Ken Silverman, who knew Woz through his role as one of the founders of the first Apple user group, the San Francisco Apple Core. For a video of Woz's talk, which is about an hour and 20 minutes, CLICK HERE.


Should you upgrade to macOS Ventura?


Ventura, the newest operating for the Mac, has been released. DO NOT download and install Ventura until the Support Team have had a chance to review the changes and identify any potential problems. We will notify you as soon as it is safe to install Mac OS Ventura.

IF you are considering installing macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey,

As always, Backup, Backup, BACKUP before you upgrade.



LHAUG Privacy Notice and Disclaimer

For important information about LHAUG seminars, see the LHAUG Privacy Notice and the LHAUG Disclaimer.


How to clean your Apple products 


Click Here for Apple's recommendations and guidelines for cleaning your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, display, or peripheral device.  

Beware of Scams

Apple, Banks, Law Enforcement, the IRS, etc., will NEVER EMAIL OR CALL you and ask for money OR ask you to send Gift Cards. THESE ARE SCAMS.  HANG UP/DON'T RESPOND TO AN EMAIL!         Click Here for a list of current scams.

Videos on How to Use Zoom


For video instructions on how to install and use Zoom on your Mac and/or iPad, go to the Video tab and click on the correct video.

Are you thinking about upgrading to a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, Mac Mini, or Apple laptop?

Do you have any old Apple products just sitting forgotten somewhere? Please consider giving them to others who are less fortunate than ourselves. The LHAUG support techs will handle all the details - take your old equipment, completely erase all the data and info and pass them along to others who need them. Click Here for the details on this easy process.

Useful External Links

Apple Support 

Apple Support Videos on YouTube

iMore - Information Site

MacMost - Information and Tutorials

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